Ruff Reams Building Company is the product of more than a decade of quality building experience and nearly 20 years of friendship between Paul Davis and Alan Simpson. The seeds of this partnership were planted in the 1990s at Auburn University where Paul and Alan met and formed a lasting friendship over shared values and common interests in building, planning, and design.

Prior to partnering in 2003, Alan and Paul each had several years experience in construction management -- Alan with Fedrick Harris Estate Homes in Nashville, TN and Paul with Precision Builders in Montgomery, AL. Their experiences during this time gave them an inspired sense of what a building company could and should be, as well as the practical tools needed to develop what is now Ruff Reams Building Company.

Ruff Reams is a family business that relies heavily on the team concept to make sure all parts work effectively. While Paul and Alan are the job site managers of each home that is built by Ruff Reams, Lee Ann Davis and Kate Simpson provide equal contribution through their organization of office management. As a real estate agent and graduate of Auburn’s school of interior design, Lee Ann handles account management and book keeping. Kate also shares much of the office responsibilities through her 15 years of experience in the insurance business. Kate maintains and secures all insurance certificates for each contractor that performs work on a Ruff Reams job.


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Paul Davis - Principal

Cell: 205.966.0763

Alan Simspon Photo

Alan Simpson - Principal

Cell: 205.966.8161