One of the aspects of building that we enjoyed early in our partnership was a balance of custom built homes as well as the construction of spec homes. This was a home in Vestavia that we purchased to renovate, and the experience gained has allowed us to build better homes for our clients.

Through this blend we learned early on is there are several ways to build a house. Not all of those ways are right or wrong, and sometimes different philosophies just take a different approach to building. However this may be true, we feel the design of the home is equally if not more important. At Monterey Place, we learned the value of designing it the right way. From the beginning, our approach with this home was flawed. We set out to purchase a home that we could salvage and yet completely renovate.

The home we built turned out just as we planed, and we love the final result. However, it could have been done at a much lesser expense. While we went to great lengths to salvage and renovate, it could have been much less expensive to start from scratch. While this was true for this home, it does not apply to all homes. Each home is different. That’s why if you’re considering renovation, it’s imperative to find the right builder and the right architect.